Cooking with Emily

Hosting a friends night? Dive into a cooking adventure with Orca Eats’ own Emily Wigley and learn how easy and fun making good food is! Plant-based, dumplings, pies, dairy free everything, wholesome meals-on-the-fly, whatever topic you want. Cooking with Emily is for groups of 3+ and can be hosted in your home kitchen or the Orca Eats food truck.

  1. Grab your group of 3+

  2. Choose a cooking topic

  3. Get on our calendar!

Topics can be anything: broad, specific, wholesome, or wholly decadent. Everyone leaves with a full tummy, a snack box for later, and a packet with recipes and info covered. What shall we cook? Connect with us today to check dates for your group! Pricing varies based on group size, duration, and topic. Orca Eats does not serve alcohol.

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Did you have date in mind?