Our menu changes every week!
Itโ€™s usually small and mighty.
Weโ€™re looking forward to Spring and our 2019 opener in April!
Have a good, well-fed Winter.

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Our vegetables and fruits are mostly local and organic. We enjoy working with local farmers - knowing where the food is grown and how few miles and days it spends in transit is important! Talking with farmers to find out what's fresh and best *now* for you is our priority, and itโ€™s how we design our menus for you. 

Our meats are pasture raised on Washington farms. We know our farmers and are proud to bring you healthy, wholesome meats purchased whole and butchered for our menu items. It's good for humans, animals, environment and economy. Meat is a choice and a privilege, whether you choose to eat it or not.

Fish is always sustainably caught and frozen at sea for best flavor, health and environment . . . 
No Puget Sound salmon; that's for the orcas. Always, and especially now.