Kindness Abounds

Vashon kindness story of the week . . .

A Vashon woman was ferrying home when her pickup truck starter failed and it had to be pushed off the boat. Knowing what was needed to fix it, she called Vashon Autoparts and ordered and paid for a new starter. Meanwhile an employee of US Bank saw the situation and asked if the woman needed a ride or anything else since her truck wasn't going anywhere, and was asked if she could go to the parts store and pick up the starter, which she very kindly did, delivering it to the dock. The pickup's owner installed the new starter and drove home, very grateful for the kind help of a stranger.

But that's not the end . . . the owner of the pickup stopped by Orca Eats on Saturday and purchased a gift card to give the bank employee. What a nice gift of thanks to a selfless, helpful person!