A Chef's Life (not me, I'm a cook/foodtrucker)

Chef Vivian Howard is a remarkable chef in Eastern North Carolina. Her book, Deep Run Roots, is a favorite of mine for the learning, humor and phenomenal recipes. And it's beautiful. And Ms. Howard is wearing snakeskin boots on the cover. A trip to NC is in my future, I can about taste it!

Ms. Howard's PBS program, A Chef's Life, airs on KCTS on Tuesdays at 3:30. The latest episode is here:  http://www.achefslifeseries.com/episodes/55  Watch as Ms. Howard boards her new food truck to promote her book for nine weeks! There's a scene in which no one can get the pilot lit on the food truck oven. Boy can I relate to that moment when equipment won't start for some mysterious reason in the food truck, and the window's about to go up to serve customers! Our oven can be tough to light, and there's nothing like lying down on the floor to reach in to the base of the oven and light the propane pilot light first thing in the morning at the Vashon Farmers Market when customers will be lining up soon! Check out A Chef's Life and enjoy the process of growing, cooking and history of individual ingredients at her restaurant, The Chef & The Farmer