Update, Orca Log 08-20-2016

Mechanical & equipment issues -- seem to be fixed, solved, re-vamped for the long haul. Please cross your fingers for us. The Health Department has been great, it's our equipment that's been temperamental and keeping us off the streets.

Tasting Party... we announced it overnight to our loyal email list and it's full, save for the few spots we're holding for the public, who will see the event announcement today. We wish we could accommodate 100 people, but we can't.

Opening... we'll shout about it right here asap. Public community events and street service at the IGA parking lot!

We have been doing some very fun catering. A wedding for 100 in June. A dinner for 32 Vashon visitors in early August. A book club picnic dinner last week. A wedding rehearsal dinner for 100 this weekend. Boxed dinners for a rehearsal dinner in September. Boxed lunches for a business retreat in September. We're grateful for the business, and eager to serve you. Thank you!

Sun's up!

Sun's up!