Strawberry Festival: Fun, Busy, and We Thank You!

Dear Orca Pod,

Strawberry Festival was big and wild and fun! Thank you for stopping by the truck a time (or three) and enjoying enough salmon to feed an orca,  mac'n'cheese all day long, and gallons of ginger ale and chocolate pudding! We sold out of mac'n'cheese each day, but scurried in the kitchen and made more to fill you up. We're so glad you enjoyed our food, including our crazy popsicles and fresh fruit! It was fabulous because of the warm welcome from Islanders and visitors, great weather and a really good Festival produced by the Vashon Chamber of Commerce, with so much live music, thanks to Vashon Events.

Now the truck is visiting the mechanics at Burton Auto, and then will have the quiet generator reinstalled asap. We'll be hitting the Vashon IGA parking lot in a couple of weeks. In the meantime we have some fun catering gigs and will keep on cooking and preparing to serve Vashon as soon as possible. 

See you soon,
Oona the Orca & Staff